2015 Kymco UXV 500i G

Ultimate "CROWD ROCKER" 130 dB Sound and entertainment system that can be used almost anywhere.

Built in 5000 watt generator. Use it to power your house. Have a concert anywhere. Fully custom machine includes: Two 3000 watt 18 inch powered subs, two 565 watt high frequency powered speakers. Flat screen TV, DVD player, 2900 song Karaoke machine, two wireless microphones, plus a 6 channel mixing board. Plug in your phone, plug in your guitar, or your keyboard, or your bass or your... This machine is fully self contained to bring your entertainment virtually anywhere. And, being fully custom - none of your friends will have one!!! Be the King of Rock and Roll in the dunes, mountains, job site, beach, neighborhood, farm...

The totally innovative, one of a kind - KYMCO UXV 500i G combines all the features and benefits of our go-anywhere, recreational UXV Series Side X Sides with a fully integrated Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) 5kW Generator with a (5) point integrated safety system, a KYMCO exclusive includes a GFCI safety circuit breaker generating all the power you’ll ever need, where and when you need it. With full digital monitoring and industry leading automatic electrical load compensation the UXV 500i G produces consistent, spike-free power under any condition. On the job, fire up your power tools, appliances, security lighting or first response service equipment on demand. Stepping off the grid? Power up your secluded cabin and make the most rustic campsite or hunting spot a more civilized retreat. KYMCO UXV 500i G Side X Side - The first ever, fully integrated, mobile electric power generating solution. See the full line of KYMCO vehicles at your local KYMCO Dealer.